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Travel is a MultiBillion Dollar Industry and SMMRT Agency is making it easier for anyone from anywhere, regardless their peculiarities; (age, gender, tribe, geographical location, educational background, work experience, etc) earn money referring travellers to reputable service providers, willing to pay up-to 50% Commission per referral. There are 4 Simple Steps to getting started;

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Everyday in many ways we are creating simplified processes that makes it easier for you to make money, repeatedly. One of the smartest ways to understanding, getting started, and start earning, is by filling the interest form.

premiere Travel affiliate agency
SMMRT Affiliate Marketing Agency is exclusively for the Travel Industry.
Over 500+ Travel Products & Services
SMMRT Affiliates can earn everyday, regardless the season of the year.
Fastest payouts in the industry
Payouts to affiliates are instant - Once payment are confirmed. No Stories!
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At SMMRT, You really don't need to talk to anyone to Refer & Earn.

The SMMRT FAmily

meet members of our family that makes all the things we do at smmrt affiliate marketing agency put money in people's pocket. be smmrt - earn smarter, join smmrt agency today!


Anyone from anywhere regardless their peculiarities can start making millions referring travellers as a SMMRT Freelance Affiliate, either as a side or full time gig.

SMMRT Agents

If you are an existing or new travel agent and looking to expand your earnings and service deliverables, you can achieve this as a SMMRT Agent Affiliate.

SMMRT Locals

Business Owners or Entrepreneurs from other industries anywhere in the world can expand their earning potentials as a SMMRT Local Affiliate

SMMRT Business

If you are interested in Venturing into the Travel Industry and need an easier, faster and more affordable way to start, scale and be profitable, this is for you.

SMMRT Partners

SMMRT Partners are Professional Service Providers within the Travel Industry that delivers products & services to travellers referred by SMMRT Affiliates.

SMMRT super heroes

The SMMRT Team of dedicated support are committed to your financial success hence we are here to help you navigate the many options we have for you.

frequently asked questions faqs

Get answers to frequently asked questions many people ask us on a daily basis about maximising their SMMRT Benefits. If you do not find the answers to your question(s) here, please click here to chat with one of our dedicated support - or click here to fill the SMMRT Interest Form.

things to sell

how can i become a smmrt affiliate?

Click here to fill the SignUp form. Check your email for confirmation and reply "YES". A SMMRT KYA will be sent to you within the hour. Fill, sign and send back. That's All! 

Judith.is@smmrt.agency | Updated: Sept., 2021

if i refer a traveller, when do i get paid?

Payouts are instant - the moment your referred traveller pays, you're paid immediately. Where delays occur is when claimed payments cannot be confirmed credited.  

victoria.a@smmrt.agency | Updated: Feb., 2021

can i markup your prices to earn more.

Yes you can markup depending on the type of affiliate you are. If you are interested in this, you will have to signup as either a SMMRT Local Affiliate.

Judith.is@smmrt.agency | Updated: Sept, 2021

how legit are your smmrt partners?

Each of our partners undergo our rigorous verification process and due diligence before onboarding their products and services. This is crucial to ensure that we only deal with reputable organisations. 

victoria.a@smmrt.agency | Updated: June, 2021

how many products can i earn from?

499+ including All Visas, Flights, Hotels, Covid-19 PCR, Antigen and Rapid Test, Logistics, Recruitment, Birth Overseas, Dual Citizenship, Immigration, Holidays & Tourism, Study Abroad, to mention a few.

Judith.is@smmrt.agency | Updated: Sept., 2021

can i pay for my trip from my earnings?

Yes you totally can. To enjoy the all expenses paid Travel Worldwide without spending your own money, you should join SMMRT Travel Free Club. Basically your earnings pays for your trips.

Judith.is@smmrt.agency | Updated: Oct., 2021

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